Endemika garden


Mexico City, Mexico  


Mexico Accelerator Programme  
in partnership with New Ventures  


Endémika nurtures biodiversity and cultivates change in Mexico through sustainable gardens

Native Mexican plants, a treasure trove of biodiversity and environmental benefits, remain largely unknown locally - a mere 1% of the Mexican population recognises these plants. Yet, they possess immense potential, and the global demand has given rise to an unregulated trade, generating around 7 billion dollars annually in illegal gains. This impacts the local communities who cultivate these plants and endangers the rich biodiversity and environmental contributions they offer. 

Amidst these challenges, Endémika promotes the ecological and economic value of native Mexican plants by creating thriving gardens in Mexico and the United States of America that bridge the gap between producers and customers. Its approach focuses on preserving, cultivating, and selling native Mexican plants, known for their minimal water requirements. The company connects producers of 15 different species of native plants with end consumers in national and international markets. 

The company does more than sell plants; it is an educator and connector. Endémika empowers local farmers to grow and nurture native plants, generating economic sustainability, fair trade and dignified lives for small producers.  

The company trains farmers, equipping them with the knowledge to cultivate and preserve these plants, while additional resources guide them towards optimising production, including rainwater harvesting systems. 

The inherent resilience of native plants presents significant advantages, leading to increased income for farmers – up to four times that of traditional crops. 

Programme support 

By participating in the IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and New Ventures accelerator, Endémika aims to make its commercial strategies more efficient and ready to scale to expand its product offering and market presence.