people standing showing their Felek notebooks

Producing and selling notebooks, donating supplies to rural schools and supporting in Ethiopia

Felek Notebooks is a social enterprise producing notebooks inspired by traditional artisanship with contemporary eco-friendly designs. They create employment opportunities and products that have a positive impact on the environment.

Felek Notebooks supports rural, underprivileged school children by providing them with school supplies financed by the profits from the notebook sales. They produce and distribute free exercise books, with the aim to accelerate literacy levels of children in marginalized communities in Ethiopia.

For every leather notebook sale made, they donate one school years' worth of exercise books (eight exercise books) to one child in a marginalized community.

Read how Suleiman Shifaw and Zahara Legesse Kauffman, co-founders of Felek Notebooks adapted their business to support their communities during the COVID-19 crises.


There were gaps in our business that held us back from scaling. The first is the marketing aspect of our business and the second is the partnership required to reach our scaling goals. Now that we have identified both gaps, we are taking the steps to fulfil and reach our scaling goals.

Zahara Kauffman, Co-Founder