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Iluméxico provides affordable electrical services to marginalised communities through solar energy.

In Mexico, more than 400,000 families don’t have access to electricity and live in the most remote and marginalized communities of the country. Unfortunately, the products they use to have some type of energy are diesel, candles, or firewood which are not only harmful to the environment but can also severely affect their health.

Founded in 2010, Iluméxico provides electrical services to marginalized families in Mexico via solar technology. Their main goal is to provide electrical service to marginalized communities at an affordable price through solar energy. Rural communities are often not attracted to national electricity grids, hindering the opportunities for the people who live there and holding back progress.  

Iluméxico train and employ young people from these communities to become Solar Energy technicians providing them with employment opportunities, a career plan, and constant up-skilling. In addition, Iluméxico gives job opportunities to women in the community who help their neighbours make timely payments and contribute to the development and organization of projects. 

As their business is based on a service strategy rather than the product. They maintain the systems they install and reduce the waste that could be generated by neglected solar energy systems that stop functioning. Furthermore, Iluméxico wants to learn how to improve their servicing strategy in Mexico to keep the customers they have and look for partnerships that can allow them to reach more families. They are interested in learning about strategies for expansion and to improve the process they are running in Colombia and how to prepare their team for scalability.

Since they started, they have had more than 23,000 beneficiaries and have helped more than 2,000 communities. Amongst these beneficiaries, they created approximately 60 jobs. 
Now Iluméxico has started its expansion to Colombia.