Imani Collective

Imani Collective


East Africa Accelerator
in partnership with Acumen


Home accessories produced in a collective offering employment ant development opportunities

Imani Collective designs and manufactures home accessories in Kenya, employing over eighty women and men. They use local natural materials and adopt traditional techniques. The collective believes dignified employment is a key ingredient for economic development and poverty reduction in developing countries around the world.

Imani Collective’s innovative model to provide women, men and their families with skills training, communities and access to education has proven highly effective at improving artisan livelihoods and empowering the people. 


We have a much clearer path forward. We were initially struggling due to many complex revenue streams, and weren't sure how to best focus our efforts. By working with our coaches and experts, we now have a better idea of how to narrow our focus to be more efficient and better predict profitability.

Carly Oosten, Director of Partnerships