Refugee Employment Initiative
in partnership with NESsT


Empowers marginalised groups such as refugees and migrants, by offering dignified IT jobs and providing comprehensive support, including family assistance

Nebucode is a Poland-based software development company that creates innovative digital solutions for SMEs and corporations, in addition to prioritising the creation of job opportunities in the IT sector for people from marginalised groups. Its expertise lies in no-code and low-code technologies (for which market forecasts suggest a compound, annual growth rate of $187 billion in 2030).

Recognising that people from disadvantaged backgrounds often face barriers when seeking jobs in the IT sector, Nebucode is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the industry. The company is taking intentional steps to make a difference, including offering dignified jobs in no-code and low-code tech roles that don’t require programming expertise. Additionally, it has established partnerships with universities to run training projects that provide unemployed individuals with the skills and resources they need to pursue digital careers.

For its employees who are refugees or migrants, Nebucode provides family support through upfront payments to manage initial expenses for relocation and psychological assistance and to help navigate the challenges of adapting to a new work environment and cultural context. More recently, given the increasing number of refugees in Poland following the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, the company seeks to create a dedicated platform to train and place people fleeing the war zone.
Nebucode team
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