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Transforming the way that people consume vegetables in Colombia

Pomario was founded to transform the way that people consume vegetables. The enterprise believes that food is at the root of solving key social and environmental challenges in Colombia:

  1. Informal labour in the rural sector
  2. The degradation of local ecosystems
  3. Disconnection between people and their food leading to decreased investment in farmers

Pomario sells organic produce, sourced from smallholder farmers and its greenhouses to Colombian families, retailers, and high-end restaurants. The enterprise is known for its pre-packed salads, sprouts, edible flowers, and micro vegetables.

Besides selling produce, Pomario also trains farmers in organic farming practices. The enterprise identifies vegetables that are in high demand and teaches farmers how to increase their earning potential. Pomario and its suppliers co-design a seasonal “Cultivation Program” that outlines pricing and ensures equitable profit-share.

Currently, Pomario is employing and/or sourcing from 42 smallholder farmers, 62% of whom are women. By partnering with Pomario, smallholder farmers earn at least 25% above the minimum wage in Colombia and gain access to additional services, such as a credit line for educational purposes. This lending program has already enabled 12 employees to access higher education — several employees have been promoted within the company as a result of their new credentials.