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Smart Foods Limited


East Africa Accelerator 2021
in partnership with  Acumen  

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Smart Foods advocates a healthy lifestyle by offering nutritious products made from soybeans, coconuts and legumes

Smart Foods is a rapidly-growing food processing enterprise with the aims of maintaining an innovative edge in food product development which is oriented around a better lifestyle and livelihood. They invest in R&D for new nutritious and healthy products from soybeans, coconuts and other cereals and legumes and delivers them to clients in different market segments.

Primarily the company adds value to the soybean, which is highly nutritious, yet still remains underutilized in the country. Smart Foods processes the soybean to create high-quality plain and marinated tofu and specially formulated non-dairy products for multiple uses at home.

Aside from impacting how people eat and drink, the company has impacted over 200 female farmers directly through training in soybean production and providing market access. They have also empowered over 1500 women in being able to improve the nutrition of their households through the application of soy sauce powder in different meals at home.

The company’s mission is to be the leading and most preferred non-dairy and non-meat brand in the East African region by 2028.