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Targ Pietruszkowy Foundation

Krakow, Poland

Poland and Romania Accelerator
in partnership with NESsT  

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Targ Pietruszkowy Foundation brings locally produced foods directly from farms in the Krakow region to the tables of organic food lovers in the city

Among consumers in big Polish cities, there is a growing demand for ecological food products. On the other end, most local fair-trade producers in the countryside don’t have a regular market to sell their goods. Their farms are often too small and not price-competitive to sell to the large grocery chains where urban consumers buy their food.

The Targ Pietruszkowy Foundation fills this gap by bringing locally produced foods directly from farms in the Krakow region to the tables of organic food lovers in the city. Two times a week, this social enterprise organises agricultural markets where 70 small scale farmers offer their products. It has also set up an online store where fresh, eco-friendly and pesticide-free products are sold.

The social enterprise organises events to educate the public about the environmental benefits of locally-sourced foods and the health benefits of consuming seasonal products. It also provides resources to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint and make more informed purchasing decisions. Targ Pietruszkowy also plans to support farmers with information and tools to improve their sales strategy and online presence.

Each supplier is screened to ensure that they are eco-certified and ban the use of pesticides or synthetic food additives to their products. Through its laboratory research program, Targ Pietruszkowy conducts random quality testing to maintain the quality of its foods.

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In the next one to three years, the Targ Pietruszkowy Foundation seeks to grow its customer base and increase its number of online orders. It plans to create a franchise and enter into other Polish cities. The Poland and Romania accelerator will support the social enterprise to upgrade its technological infrastructure to prepare for increases in digital sales.

In addition, NESsT and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship will financially support Targ Pietruszkowy to purchase equipment such as delivery vehicles. These will help the social enterprise to sustain its growth and provide tailored business assistance to navigate into new markets.

I am happy that we will get a new, fresh perspective on our business and develop it with the help of professionals. We’re also looking forward to being part of a community of social entrepreneurs where we can learn and inspire each other. All this will make it possible to facilitate access to top-quality local seasonal food for as many people as possible. 

Karolina Jarmołowska – co-founder and Deputy president, Targ Pietruszkowy foundation.