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Zima Healthy Group Ltd


East Africa Accelerator 2021
in partnership with  Acumen  

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Zima offers innovative horticultural products that offer both nutritional and medicinal value in Rwanda

Zima Healthy Group Ltd. offers innovations in value addition of horticultural products by making pumpkin seed oil, pumpkin flour and pumpkin cookies all from pumpkin fruit, which until recently has been considered an inferior food in Rwanda. Zima products offer both nutritional value and medicinal value and are currently growing in popularity all over East Africa as well as the neighbouring countries.

For their production, Zima works with cooperatives of rural farmers to grow and supply pumpkins and has raised the standards of living. The social enterprise has worked with cooperatives at the community level engaging youth, men and women to the identification of their needs and capacity-building priorities.

ZIMA fights for the development of its brand so it can be among the best food industries in Rwanda