Aguilas en el Maguey

Águilas en el Maguey

Malvarisco, San Pedro el Alto, Oaxaca

Mexico Community Conservation programme
in partnership with WWF


Grows Mezcal Agave (mezcal) plants using agroecological techniques with minimal environmental impact.

Águilas en el Maguey is a cooperative society founded in 2018 by ten Zapotec women which grows Mezcal Agave (mezcal) plants. Agave cultivation is carried out using agroecological techniques to guarantee a quality product and a production process with minimal environmental impact. The members of this community conservation enterprise (CCE) also produce shade-grown coffee, respecting the traditions of their community with over 20 years of experience in organic production. 

Agricultural activity in the San Pedro el Alto municipality is carried out on very steep land (50 - 60% slope). More than three years ago, the members of Águilas en el Maguey observed the erosive processes in the crops due to the high slopes and the insufficient soil vegetation cover. Later, they decided to plant Mezcal Agave as a strategy for soil conservation and as a way to guarantee an income for its members.

The company is currently working to strengthen its production and organisational processes through training to guarantee access to broader markets. The members aim to balance production with the conservation of the Copalita River basin and making their CCE an example of environmental care and responsibility in the region.


Now we are becoming stronger because the path we have to follow is very long, but we are together on this to do what we like. We put into practice what we learn and what we already knew, taking care of the soil, from which we have benefited so much.

Reina López Hernández, one of the founders.