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Electronic Waste Africa

Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire 

Dela IV Accelerator 
in partnership with Ashoka

Electronic Waste Africa transforms electronic waste management for a more sustainable future 

The magnitude of the electronic waste (e-waste) problem in Cote d’Ivoire and many developing countries is significant. These countries receive large volumes of second-hand electronic equipment, which quickly becomes obsolete and transforms into waste. The rapid increase in e-waste poses substantial environmental pollution and public health risks – people inhale airborne chemicals and ingest toxins that have seeped into the water supply, contaminating crops and fisheries.  

Electronic Waste Africa is a pioneering organisation that effectively addresses the critical issue of e-waste and associated challenges, including the lack of proper end-of-life management, marginalisation of individuals working with e-waste, and a lack of data and understanding of the sector. With a focus on public awareness and engaging the informal sector as environmental agents, the company is revolutionising e-waste management and driving the development of a green economy.  

Electronic Waste Africa has developed an innovative circular economy model that positions e-waste as an opportunity for wealth creation and environmental sustainability.   

Its system ensures financial incentives and social value for the entire community. Rather than establishing a new waste management business, they have worked with existing individuals and networks in the informal sector, successfully developing the first comprehensive database of e-waste stakeholders and organising and integrating the collection system into a more formal structure.   

Its comprehensive waste management system ensures fair value creation for different players in the chain, from waste collectors to refurbishers and final users. Usable equipment such as computers is also repaired and made available at a discounted rate to low-income families, bridging the digital divide.   

Electronic Waste Africa’s vision extends far into the future, with plans to replicate the model in other West African countries and collaborate with governments to establish comprehensive institutional and regulatory frameworks for the e-waste sector.  

Programme support  

Through its participation in Dela, Electronic Waste Africa will build an efficient and effective strategic plan to advance the systemic change approach they are working on to increase its work’s social and environmental impact. We look forward to supporting the organisation as it works towards sustainable economic development and creating a cleaner and greener future for West Africa and beyond.