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ECOBORA have developed a clean, affordable cookstove that helps marginalized schools reduce cooking costs

Worldwide many schools are still using firewood to cook their students meals. Using these expensive and smoky firewood boilers causes schools to spend more money than they want to on energy costs. Money that can be better spent on improving education and healthcare.

ECOBORA have developed a clean, affordable solar cookstove that is being used by rural and peri-urban schools. This provides marginalized communities that live below $2 a day access to green energy reducing indoor pollution, deaths of women and children due to smoke complications while conserving Kenya's forests. Ecobora has saved 275,250 tons of trees from being converted into firewood to provide energy in these kitchens and this has resulted in a reduction of 30 tons of CO2e emissions per school.

The enterprise is saving marginalized schools 100% of cooking cost money that can now be invested to further improve the quality of education and healthcare for children. To date over 123 rural schools in Nyamira now use ECOBORA's solar stoves which have enabled them to save $9920 per year per school.

In total, more than 85,000 students have been able to access meals in schools and reduced the school dropout rates in these schools by 75%. The money the school saves has been used to build 6 libraries, 13 computer labs and directed towards improving the education of the students.