Fructus Via team

Fructus Vía 

Mexico City, Mexico  

Mexico Accelerator Programme  
in partnership with New Ventures  


Fructus Vía is revolutionising agricultural supply chains to empower farmers and reduce food waste 

Central de Abasto, located in Mexico City, is the world’s largest wholesale market. The market houses over 2,000 businesses, employs over 70,000 people and serves over 300,000 customers daily. 35% of all food consumed in Mexico is sold through the Central de Abasto.  

As the third generation of a family of farmers who grew up selling produce at Central de Abasto, the founders of Fructus Vía witnessed firsthand the challenges plaguing the agricultural supply chain. They recognised a persistent issue: the disjointed nature of the supply chain led to wastage, high costs, and subpar quality in the trade of perishable goods. 

Fructus Vía connects local farmers and suppliers of fruits and vegetables with clients through a digital platform that orchestrates and streamlines the entire lifecycle of agricultural products for corporate entities.  

The company collaborates with local farmers and suppliers, ensuring capacity development that improves value chain efficiency and the quality of products. It also raises awareness about the best practices to minimise and avoid food waste. This cultivates a culture of continuous improvement, supported by upgraded infrastructure like state-of-the-art warehouses and certifications. 

By improving inefficiencies in the fragmented agricultural supply chain, Fructus Vía contributes towards increased incomes for farmers and reduced prices for consumers.  

Programme support 

By participating in the Mexico Accelerator Programme, Fructus Vía aims to expand its footprint from 79 cities in Mexico to 200. Through the programme, we will support the company to refine its digital platform and further develop its education programme to offer ongoing training to farmers and local suppliers.