Mexico basin


Los Naranjos Esquipulas, San Pedro Pochutla, Oaxaca

Mexico Community Conservation programme
in partnership with WWF

Goocafé grows vanilla in shaded coffee plantations and aims to protect local ecosystems.

Goocafé is a cooperative made up of ten Zapotec women. They are located in the community of Los Naranjos Esquipulas, where vanilla is grown in shaded coffee plantations. Goocafé has over 25 years of experience in organic production. They aim to optimize soil productivity through crop diversification and to protect local ecosystems.  

Los Naranjos has an important coffee tradition, but Goocafe decided to grow vanilla under the shade trees. By doing so, they preserve the local vegetation and, with their agroecological practices, seek to set an example of conservation for the producers in the region. The company harvested its first vanilla crop in early 2020 and is thus the least experienced company when it comes to the production management and the pollination of vanilla.

Goocafé currently has a demonstration field in the community of Llano Flor, an area with a wet and rainy climate suitable for the agroecological cultivation of Vanilla planifolia. The company seeks to consolidate its management and production processes to increase its production, avoiding the pollution of rivers and soil. They seek to reach more specialized markets to diversify sources of income for its members' households.


We want to improve female life quality through our work. We want to boost production while protecting the river. We don't want those who consume our products to get sick".

Emma Jacinto López.