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Hidota Farmer's cooperative union


East Africa Accelerator 2021
in partnership with Acumen  

Hidota Farmer's cooperative union's main goal is to improve the economic and social status of farmers in Ethiopia

Hidota Farmer's Multipurpose cooperative union is a farmers' organization owned by smallholder farmers. Its main goal is improving the economic and social status of farmers through providing training, coaching, business support, market linkage and financial services. The union focuses on activities increasing farmers' yield, income and capacities through different approaches.

The union is being managed by Biruk Abayneh who previously has worked for ten years as an expert in the government cooperative promotion office and Coordinator for Zonal cooperative development work process. With his extensive experience in organizing agricultural and non-agricultural cooperatives, the union has reached more than 11,000 farmers in the past year.

The union helped these farmers increase production and household income while supporting members with their ability to absorb market shocks and also send their children to school. Hidota Farmer's Multipurpose cooperative union is also working with local government and other partners to support smallholder farmers as they build resilience to climate change.