Los Macuiles Copalita

Los Macuiles Copalita

Barra de Copalita, San Miguel Puerto

Mexico Community Conservation programme
in partnership with WWF

A comprehensive organic farm dedicated to forest yields of dry and gallery forests species.

Los Macuiles Copalita is a comprehensive organic farm founded in 2016, dedicated to forest yields of dry and gallery forest species. These are cultivated in an agroecological way, using circular agriculture methods that contribute to the conservation of the Copalita river basin. Los Macuiles Copalita is led by five members, committed to environmental preservation through reforestation. Over the last five years, they have grown more than 200 thousand trees.

This CCE has a farm for breeding broiler chickens, producing eggs, specialty vegetables, and providing technical assistance services. They also sell supplies for building tree nurseries and greenhouses throughout the coast of Oaxaca.

Now, they seek to increase their capabilities, strengthening internal processes, and improving operations. They also want to improve the quality of their products, the services they offer, and above all, become a reliable company.


We have a quality product, made with love. We are respectful of the environment, from the way we live in our homes, to sustainability practices that we have carried out over the years. Our company is 100% committed to the environment and society, to ourselves and to creating jobs for other women.

Marinhe Concepción Rosas Rodríguez, Chairperson.