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Giving India's urban poor access to financial services, technology and solicit business.

Nidan gives the urban poor access to markets through large people- owned and managed institutions—large enough to influence policy and be legitimate competitors in a globalizing market. By initiating worker cooperatives like the National Alliance of Street Vendors, Arbind has created a bridge for the unorganized poor to access financial services and technology and solicit business.

In India’s urban areas, 23.6 % of the population lives below the poverty line. These individuals survive by working in the informal sector as home-based workers, vendors, manual laborers, and service providers who together make up 93% of India’s total workforce. Driven out of their communities by poverty and a lack of gainful employment, the urban poor often lack the skills and education needed to attain higher paying jobs in the organized sector.

Nidan's vision is to change the ways unorganized workers are treated in India and elsewhere. They work on Policy and Law and also on education of all stakeholders including the workers themselves. They want the workers to get what they strive for.

I want to contribute to a more equal and better world. ”to be part of the change I wish to see in the world” not best in the world but best for the world! I believe that purpose and profit goes hand in hand. When we perform, transform and grow with purpose we have the ammunition to make a difference.

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