Latin America


Lima, Peru

Latin America Accelerator
in partnership with NESsT  


PesCo. is a social enterprise that connects seafood lovers directly to artisanal fishing communities in Peru

In Peru, one of the world’s leading fishing countries, small-scale fisheries are important contributors to national employment, food security and gross domestic product. However, they are often marginalised having to endure the consequences of ineffective regulations, environmental uncertainty, and lack of access to market.

PesCo tackles this issue by linking small/scale artisanal fishers directly to consumers. 

By reducing the number of intermediaries in the supply chain, PesCo are able to offer artisanal fishers a higher price for their catch. This increased income results in more sustainable livelihoods for the fishers and their families. Additionally, the company consumers benefit from more affordable prices. 

PesCo is committed to sustainability, focusing on responsible fishing techniques and caring for the environment. They train their artisanal suppliers, promoting conservation and ensuring a quality supply of fish. 

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