Latin America

Promixa Servicios

Santiago, Chile

Latin America Accelerator
in partnership with NESsT  


Próxima Servicios transforms the outsourcing of the basic services industry, providing employees with fair salaries and benefits

In Chile, the outsourcing services industry keeps labour costs low by offering short-term contracts with no
benefits that enable them to easily terminate employees in order to hire new people who are willing to work
for lower wages. Próxima Servicios tackles this issue by offering its employees fair wages and career
development opportunities.

Próxima Servicios is a Certified B Corporation outsourcing company that provides support services to
businesses, government agencies, universities, communities and condominiums, on a permanent basis.

The company hires people who traditionally struggle with job security and basic workplace human rights
and 90% of its employees are migrant workers, women, and/or ethnic minorities in Chile.
These essential workers provide services including cleaning, gardening and other household work.
Without proper training and growth opportunities, these contracted workers are typically unable to grow
their careers and secure higher-paying jobs.

To improve their job conditions, Próxima Servicios provides career development training, allowing them
to expand their skill set. Those who complete three months of work are eligible to join the Próxima
Servicios cooperative with partial ownership of the company.

By involving them in the governance of the social enterprise, Próxima Servicios builds trust and lasting
relationships in the workplace as its employees establish income stability to break the cycle of poverty.

Programme support:

With support from NESsT and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, Próxima Servicios will continue to further
develop its offering to reach a wider range of organisations and to reach new markets. Additionally, the
programme will support the company to refine its recruitment, talent management function and business
development functions on its journey to scale.