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Sistema.Bio helps small-holder farmers improve their infrastructure and production capacity

Some of the most pressing challenges in the world today are poverty, food security, and climate change; and small-holder farmers happen to be at the crossroads of these challenges. They often don’t have the technology, financial means, or education to improve the way food is being produced by them.

Sistema.Bio links technology, training, and financial opportunities so farmers can improve their infrastructure and capacity at their farms using biodigesters. This allows them to transform waste into renewable energy and natural fertilizers. Turning what was previously a problem into opportunities for increased productivity.

The solution itself is a continuous flow, tubular, prefabricated, modular, flexible, and high-quality biodigester specifically designed for small- and medium-sized farms. A biodigester is a container that, through fermentation, turns farm waste into methane-rich biogas and an organic biofertilizer. 

Sistema.Bio was founded in Mexico and now also operates in Kenya, India, and Colombia. Through subsidiaries and other organisations, they provide their technology to +20 countries.

Each part of their business targets specific challenges small-holder farmers face such as greenhouse gasses reduction, water pollution, or access to renewable energy that is not unhealthy for their families.

Sistema.Bio also tackles access to affordable and accessible financial instruments to buy high-quality technology for their farms and households.

In the last 10 years, Sistema.Bio has Installed over 17.000 Sistema.Bio digesters and mitigated 210.000 tons of CO2e all the while producing 48 million m3/year of biogas.