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Fundación Gastronomía Social

Santiago, Chile 

Dela IV Accelerator  
in partnership with Ashoka


Fundación Gastronomía Social uses the power of food to drive social change in Chile 

Despite its economic success, Chile faces alarming levels of income inequality, particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as women, youth, migrants, and seniors. These communities often lack access to tailored training and educational opportunities, face high unemployment rates, and struggle with rising food scarcity and prices. The COVID-19 pandemic further exacerbated these issues, highlighting the urgent need for sustainable solutions. 

With the belief that gastronomy can be a catalyst for social, economic, and environmental change, the foundation Gastronomía Social (FGS) – the Social Gastronomy Foundation – was founded to address the challenges of food insecurity and social inequality.  

Gastronomía Social is tackling these complex problems by utilising technology as an empowering tool to enhance entrepreneurship and employment in food gastronomy. It has developed a hybrid training hub called Formación Gamificada Solidaria. This innovative solution brings together ideas, learners, and employers, enabling individuals to turn their passion for cooking into a viable source of income. By obtaining certifications through the platform, participants can enter the world of food entrepreneurship and employment. 

The foundation uses the three pillars of environmental education, artisanal culinary traditions, and the development of innovation, creativity, and soft skills to guide its work and focuses on specific vulnerable groups, including youth, women, migrants, and seniors.  

It operates four programmes: food assistance campaigns involving restaurants, micro-entrepreneurship for women, on-site boot camps for youth, and comprehensive training courses known as "Food for All" (Escuelas Comida para Todos, CPT). In addition, FGS engages in activities such as cooking for and with migrants and supports the establishment of a student cooperative in an underserved area. Through these innovative programmes, the foundation empowers vulnerable individuals, fosters entrepreneurship, and promotes sustainable practices throughout the food sector. 

Programme support 

Gastronomía Social has already made significant progress in its mission. Dela will support the foundation to strengthen its business strategy, scale its social impact, and create a robust support network. It envisions reaching marginalised populations across Chile, involving over 5,000 restaurants in Santiago, and expanding its model to other contexts. 
We look forward to supporting Fundación Gastronomía Social as it forges a path towards a more equitable and sustainable future, one delicious meal at a time.