Specialisterne Foundation 

Copenhagen, Denmark 

Dela IV Accelerator  
in partnership with Ashoka



Specialisterne Foundation is scaling inclusion and livelihood opportunities for neurodivergent individuals

Autism, which affects close to one per cent of the global population, encompasses a broad spectrum and each individual is unique, with their own strengths and challenges. Research has demonstrated that many autistic individuals have exceptional skills (over an above that of individuals without autism) that can be of benefit in any number of jobs. 

Traditional vocational programmes have proven ineffective for people with autism, and unemployment rates among adults with autism are alarmingly high, with approximately ninety per cent being jobless. The lack of employment opportunities results in significant economic losses for individuals and society. 

Specialisterne Foundation is a pioneering organisation revolutionising employment opportunities for neurodivergent individuals and people with autism worldwide. Recognising that neurodivergent individuals can bring immense value to the labour market, Specialisterne transforms the perceived handicaps of autism into a competitive advantage in the business world. 

Since 2008, Specialisterne Foundation has advocated for the inclusion of neurodivergent persons in the labour market as well as promoting for broader systemic and attitudinal change. It operates across Europe, Canada, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, and India, supporting employers in hiring and managing people with autism and neurodivergent individuals.  

The company's assessment and training program uses innovative methods, including Lego construction toys, to identify and develop the skills of potential employees. They are provided engaging employment opportunities, personalised training, and support to ensure a smooth transition into the workforce. Specialisterne also works closely with client companies, appointing contact persons trained in effective practices for working with people with autism to create a supportive work environment that caters to their specific needs, fostering independence, confidence, and cognitive development. 

Programme support 

Specialisterne Foundation is committed to transforming the lives of neurodivergent individuals worldwide by promoting inclusion, creating employment opportunities, and challenging societal perceptions. Through its participation in Dela, Specialisterne Foundation will leverage the story of acceptance and change and our networks to spread the idea of neurodiversity to trigger volunteers to take action and ownership for inclusion in their community. We look forward to supporting Specialisterne in paving the way for a more inclusive and accepting world.