Buenos Aires, Argentina 

Dela IV Accelerator  
in partnership with Ashoka


Unplastify empowers people to reimagine their relationship with plastic to create a future free from plastic pollution

Plastic pollution has reached alarming levels globally. If the current production rate continues, it's estimated that by 2050, more plastic will be in the oceans than fish. Waste management systems are ineffective - only 9% of plastic is recycled, which has far-reaching consequences for the health of oceans, animals, and humans. The current disposable culture perpetuates the problem, with approximately half of all plastic produced being single-use. Consumers and companies often need to pay more attention to the actual costs associated with plastic products, neglecting more sustainable alternatives.  

In the face of the escalating plastic pollution crisis, Unplastify aims to tackle the root causes, embarking on a mission to revolutionise people's and organisations' relationship with plastic. With a strong focus on prevention, Unplastify promotes awareness, new habits, and cultural change under the slogan "unplastify-ing" daily life and organisations. 

Unplastify adopts a multi-faceted approach, combining exploration, education, and action to tackle plastic pollution. The organisation works with various stakeholders, including schools, individuals, companies, industries, and governments, to foster systemic changes and minimise the use of disposable plastics. Its educational programmes empower participants to design strategies that suit their specific environments and needs while reinforcing their commitment to deplastification.  

Its initiatives extend to schools and sailing clubs through Education Challenges. Students engage in a two-month project, developing prototypes to address aspects of plastic pollution. By integrating leadership, communication, and cooperation skills, the Challenges empower young people to become change agents in their environments. Unplastify has impacted 2,000 students and indirectly reached 17,000 students through their school programmes with support from National Geographic Learning and Disney. 

Recognising the pivotal role of companies in driving change, Unplastify offers a program that guides organisations in finding sustainable solutions. This collaborative process involves redesigning relationships with plastic and exploring alternative materials and processes. Unplastify has achieved a 90% deplastification rate with a fast-food company, demonstrating the effectiveness of its innovative approach. 

Unplastify also influences policy change and creates awareness through its research and content production arm, the Unplastify Laboratory. The organisation utilises storytelling and the involvement of Unplastify ambassadors, including renowned sports players, chefs, and artists, to inspire and activate change. 

Programme support 

Through its participation in Dela, Unplastify will further develop a strategy to scale up its work with companies and position Unplastify globally, refining its marketing and communications strategy. We look forward to supporting the organisation in empowering individuals and organisations to reimagine their relationship with plastic, igniting a global movement that combines exploration, education, and action to create a future free from plastic pollution.