Refugee Employment Initiative
in partnership with NESsT


UtilDeco promotes inclusion by offering comprehensive services for better work integration of people from marginalised groups

Founded in 2008 to fight inequalities and promote social inclusion in the job market, UtilDeco is one of the largest work integration enterprises in Romania.

To support its mission, the social enterprise runs a high-impact placement program with personalised career guidance and on-the-job training across its diverse business lines, which include archiving, production of textile protection equipment, coffee roasting, and digital printing.

UtilDeco provides tailored career training to people with disabilities, individuals coming from the child protection system, ethnic groups, and migrants – helping them to build confidence and improve financial stability. The enterprise takes a comprehensive approach to training by identifying the unique skill sets of each individual and cultivating those talents before matching candidates with potential employers.

Through its placement service, UtilDeco has helped over 150 people to get trained and find a job on the open market. After the war broke out in Ukraine, UtilDeco has broadened its comprehensive employment services to support refugees.
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