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Kickstarting our second I-SEA programme in Indonesia

As we kick off 2024, we’re excited to announce the launch of our business accelerator programme run by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Instellar, and supported by IKEA Indonesia.

The Instellar and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator (I-SEA) programme is a one-year accelerator to improve the lives of people from marginalised and excluded groups in Indonesia by strengthening the work of social enterprises. Together with IKEA Indonesia, the programme supports social enterprises in developing their businesses and scaling their impact by providing tailor-made guidance, mentorship, financing, and ecosystem support. 

Join us in welcoming the ten new social enterprises to the programme: 

Agridesa is a digital closed-loop agriculture enabler empowering smallholder farmers through data-driven farming and integrated digital solutions. 

Aluan is a women-led sustainable virgin coconut oil social enterprise committed to supporting farmers and conserving local forests on Simeulue island. 

Conservana protects and restores Indonesian forests and uplifts forest communities through sustainably producing products like coffee and essential oils. 

Java Fresh cultivates prosperity for Indonesian farmers and rural communities by tapping into global demand for fresh tropical fruits. 

Nichoa Chocolate makes nutritious chocolate accessible, creating healthier cocoa ecosystems and uplifting farming communities. 

PasarMIKRO is a digital trading platform for farmers and agriculture-traders, leveraging technology to drive positive change.   

Pepper Secret reforests land and works closely with pepper farmers in Belitung to produce naturally handcrafted bath and home care products.   

Plana transforms plastic waste and husk waste from rice farmers into durable and sustainable wood substitute, saving trees and empowering communities.   

Rezycology creates holistic digital solutions to empower plastic waste aggregators to digitise their businesses and increase their income.  

Tarunira optimises Bali's local natural resource, the palmyra palm tree, into organic palmyra sugar products, empowering local villagers, including farmers, women, and youth. 
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“We’re excited to welcome the ten selected social enterprises to the second cohort of I-SEA. The critical social and environmental challenges we face today need to be addressed at many levels. At IKEA Social Entrepreneurship, we believe in the power of social enterprises to create lasting change and the diverse initiatives within this cohort, from sustainable agriculture to innovative plastic recycling, showcase the positive impact they can have on communities, livelihoods, and the environment. We’re looking forward to both supporting and learning from these changemakers on their journey to scale,” said Åsa Skogström Feldt, Managing Director Social Entrepreneurship B.V. 

In 2022, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Instellar partnered to create a better everyday life for marginalised and vulnerable groups in Indonesia by supporting 10 innovative social enterprises that provide jobs and deliver goods or services to address local needs. 

After a successful first accelerator programme, we extended our partnership to deepen our impact.  We’re now launching the second edition of I-SEA that will support a further 10 social enterprises. These enterprises operate in a variety of sectors such as sustainable agriculture and circularity and work to empower smallholder farmers, women, coastal and indigenous communities, and at-risk youth. 

By providing business support, networking opportunities and access to funding to the social enterprises, they'll have the tools and resources they need to develop their businesses, scale their impact and improve the lives of those that need it most.   

“In line with the IKEA vision to create a better everyday life for many people, we consistently recognise the importance of making a positive contribution to society. Our partnership with IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Instellar for the second I-SEA cohort is one example of our unwavering commitment to support local communities, including marginalised groups. Additionally, together with our co-workers, we will empower the ten selected social enterprises to strengthen their impact through tailor-made mentoring support,” said Adrian Worth, Managing Director of IKEA Indonesia

"Congratulations to the ten I-SEA Changemakers of Cohort 2. We believe that their work exemplifies the future of the economy, where business and social responsibility can go hand in hand. We look forward to seeing the growth of these social enterprises through I-SEA and together we can work towards sustainable development goals,” said Romy Cahyadi, CEO at Instellar. 

“We’re excited to be part of the I-SEA programme because we want to be able to measure our impact as well as understand how to scale up the impacts to more people and improve the lives of our beneficiaries,” said Margareta Astaman, CEO at Java Fresh

We’ve started our journey with an intensive three-day bootcamp in Jakarta from 14-16 January 2024. During the bootcamp, social enterprises will be joined by IKEA Indonesia and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship teams and be provided with a dedicated space to reflect on their purpose, challenges, and strategies; gain insight into the IKEA organisation, and our  values and culture, refine their business plans; cultivate collaboration among social enterprises and prepare them for the next steps of the programme.