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South America Accelerator Programme 
in partnership with NESsT 


Agil helps small restaurants in Chile save money on delivery commissions and gain better control over their orders, while also improving delivery driver’s incomes and livelihoods.

The restaurant industry has evolved in recent years with the rise of food delivery apps such as Uber Eats and Rappi. While these apps have enabled many restaurants to thrive by boosting sales and expanding market reach, they also take a substantial commission, which significantly impacts a restaurant’s profits and, consequently, its growth. Another drawback of conventional third-party delivery apps is that small restaurants have limited control over the customer experience and little or no access to customer data and purchasing behaviour.

Agil is a tech enterprise that brings affordable e-commerce solutions to small, micro, and family-run enterprises in Chile’s HoReCa (Hospitality, Restaurant, and Catering) industry. Agil supports businesses generally located in areas with low-income populations and employs individuals from excluded communities, including migrants, single mothers, and youth. To date, the tech enterprise has supported 80 small enterprises to accelerate their businesses' growth and increase their employees' income.

The Agil app stands out in the market by offering small businesses a unique set of features. It allows them to manage food delivery app orders in a single platform, with lower commission and greater control over branding and customer experience. In addition to supporting each restaurant in creating a customised brand interface, Agil uses AI to provide entrepreneurs with access to valuable insights about their customer base. This allows restaurants to make informed decisions and improve customer experience through targeted marketing campaigns and more effective customer engagement, boosting loyalty and standing out in a competitive market.

The Agil app not only benefits small businesses but also supports independent delivery drivers, many of whom are migrants facing employment challenges. By providing access to a higher number of deliveries and a sustainable income, Agil is making a significant difference in their lives. Currently, Agil supports 333 delivery drivers, increasing their earnings by 15–20% compared to working with other food delivery apps and contributing to their improved livelihoods and well-being.

Agil is firmly committed to democratising access to technology for small and medium-sized businesses. By leveraging digital tools, small businesses can save money, increase productivity, and improve their workers’ income. The result is a positive domino effect along the entire value chain.

- Agil leadership.
Programme support

During its acceleration, Agil will receive one-on-one mentoring to strengthen the skills of its leadership team and position the enterprise for expansion. NESsT and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship will play an integral role in supporting Agil in scaling its business and expanding its impact and reach.

As part of its growth strategy, Agil aims to strengthen its organisational structure and operational team, implement a governance structure, and develop strategies to attract and raise capital from investors.