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Bali and Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

I-SEA programme Indonesia
in partnership with Instellar


Conservana improves the livelihoods of forest communities by reviving traditional forest gardening culture

Between 2001 and 2019, Indonesia lost a staggering 9.4 million hectares of primary rainforests – an area nearly the size of Portugal. This environmental challenge is compounded by the difficulties forest communities face in marketing non-timber forest products. Due to their remote locations, these communities often struggle with poor infrastructure and limited access to market information and networks, restricting their opportunities to showcase and sell their unique products effectively.

Conservana's model intertwines environmental conservation and community empowerment. The company works to protect and restore Indonesian forests and uplift the economic well-being of forest communities through the sustainable production and marketing of high-quality non-timber forest products such as vanilla, coffee, and essential oils. Conservana manufactures, packages, and distributes consumer-ready end products, including spices and ingredients for the food and beverage industries locally and globally.

Focused on Jembrana and Gianyar in Bali and Sigi in Central Sulawesi, Conservana has already made a significant impact. The company collaborates with forest farmers and cooperatives, increasing farmers' incomes from 20-40 million rupiah per hectare per year to 80-120 million rupiah.

Leading this charge is I Ketut Maliawan, Conservana's CEO. His unique blend of architectural training, a passion for engineering, and a deep connection to Bali's forests propel Conservana's innovative approach.

Programme support 

Through the programme, we'll support Conservana in developing strategies to enhance market access, increase community partnerships and expand its range of non-timber forest products. This will significantly boost forest farmers' income, contributing to their livelihoods and economic stability.

We look forward to supporting Conservana as they work towards ensuring a prosperous and sustainable future for both communities and forests in Indonesia.

"I'm thrilled to be a part of this program because it offers the opportunity to expand our network and market reach, which is crucial for providing better impacts to forest farmers and the forest ecosystems in Indonesia. What I look forward to the most is seeing the tangible benefits our expanded network can bring to these communities and the environment, enhancing both their economic well-being and the health of our precious forests."

I Ketut Maliawan, Conservana CEO