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Jakarta, Indonesia 

Indonesia Accelerator
in partnership with Instellar


Duitin offers digital services to make sorting, collecting and managing waste easy for Indonesian businesses and households

Indonesia is one of the world’s major waste producers. Large volumes of garbage end up in the ocean surrounding its beautiful islands and many Indonesians suffer from health problems caused by pollution. Information and facilities to recycle daily waste are difficult to find. Duitin tackles these problems by offering digital services that make sorting, collecting and managing waste easy for businesses and households.

Duitin is a young, award-winning clean-tech company that offers a mobile waste recycling application. Consumers can use the Duitin app to take their first steps in responsibly managing their daily waste, starting with sorting it out in their homes. The smartphone app connects them to a garbage pick-up facility where it will be processed.

Businesses can also use the Duitin digital platform to collect, track and manage their recyclable waste. They receive real-time data reports detailing the results of their recycling efforts.

By working to end the flow of abandoned garbage at the source, Duitin contributes to the target the Indonesian government has set of 30% waste reduction by 2025. The garbage that has been collected is cleaned and sorted by type, colour and material. It is then sent to various waste management factories and turned into new goods such as sacks, plastic bottles and cloth.

At the same time, the social enterprise empowers waste pickers and improves their negative image in the eyes of the public. Used to having irregular, badly paid and unsafe jobs, Duitin waste pickers now get decent money for the garbage they collect. The company also enables them to work more efficiently. With the Duitin app, they can connect to the nearest waste pick up points and optimise their collection routes.

This way, Indonesian households and enterprises using the Duitin platform do not just support a healthy environment, they also contribute to giving workers in the informal sector a better life.

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Duitin offers digital services to make sorting, collecting and managing waste easy for Indonesian businesses and households.
Programme support:

Participating in the accelerator will enable Duitin to streamline their offer, improving access to the mobile recycling facility for households and businesses. The social enterprise will also deepen their social impact, by receiving support in amplifying the opportunities for waste pickers to become skilled entrepreneurs in the recycling sector. It will work on new strategies to scale up business and expand their market, reaching new customers and waste collectors outside the island of Java.


We are ecstatic about being part of this Accelerator! It is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about growing our company and collaborating to grow the movement for a better future and environment

Adijoyo Prakoso, Duitin co-founder & Chief operations officer.