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Smart Green Industry


Dela III
in partnership with Ashoka

Smart Green Industry strives to transform the textile value chain to be fair and more sustainable

Smart Green Industry strives for a fair and sustainable global textile supply chain and consists of analysts researching new sustainable textile methodologies. 

María Almazán, CEO of Smart Green Industry, designed a methodology for transforming conventional textile workshops into sustainable workshops that are used globally in sustainable change strategies. Through these workshops, the steps that are needed to fundamentally transform the industry towards a fair future become clear.

Thus, the think-tank aims to foster a movement against fast fashion as a global environmental and social issue. With a change in the textile value chain, Smart Green Industry wants to move away from fast fashion and see an increase in the number of conscious buyers.
Programme support: 

Through Dela III, Smart Green Industry wants to create a new strategy that allows for a big societal impact. IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka will support Smart Green Industry in this matter and on the think-tank and its ecosystem.