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Westbike Messenger

Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia Accelerator
in partnership with Instellar


Westbike Messenger is a zero-emission bicycle courier that employs marginalised youth in Indonesia’s inner cities

Traffic jams and air pollution by fossil-fuel vehicles are a serious problem in Jakarta and other overcrowded Indonesian cities. While getting from A to B by car causes huge delays, an estimated seventy percent of carbon emission comes from transportation. Westbike Messenger tackles these two problems at once with their bicycle delivery service. The enterprise also serves a social purpose, by providing jobs for vulnerable groups. 

Offering “hassle-free and emission-free” transportation, Westbike Messenger gets its clients’ packages swiftly to their destinations in congested urban centres. Through their real-time tracking app, customers can simply pay and manage their delivery orders in real-time.  

The social enterprise works in five Indonesian cities, employing drivers from marginalised and low-income populations. To date, it provides jobs to 130 couriers. Westbike Messenger aims to empower these riders with the means to earn a sustainable income and improve their quality of life. 

Offering their last-mile delivery services to major logistics and e-commerce companies, Westbike Messenger works as an alternative fleet for same-day deliveries. The transport service is not only carbon-free and socially conscious but also more efficient and reliable. Over the last three years, the social enterprise has delivered over 3,4 million packages for satisfied clients.

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Westbike Messenger works in five Indonesian cities, employing drivers from marginalised and low-income populations
Programme support:

By participating in the programme, Westbike Messenger looks forward to increasing their positive social and environmental impact. While growing the number of couriers and further improving their living conditions, it will keep reaching out to new allies to solve Indonesia’s inner-city air pollution and congestion problems. 
The Westbike Messenger team will work to scale up their business and expand to new areas. They will use the technical and investment support to implement the growth strategy for their new mobile app. Their ambition is to get the necessary skills and knowledge to turn their zero-emission messenger service into the leading bicycle last-mile delivery company in Asia.

We’re looking forward to gaining knowledge and seeing the inner workings of a world-renowned company such as IKEA. Having access to great mentors and advisers from Instellar and IKEA will greatly benefit our company. 

Omar Stamboel, CEO of Westbike Messenger.