Rural beekeepers in Chile

Welcoming nine new enterprises to catalyse positive change in South America

We’re excited to share that nine new enterprises have joined our South America Accelerator Programme and are set to drive sustainable development and inclusive growth across the region. 

In 2020 we joined forces with NESsT to create the South America Accelerator Programme to support 17 social enterprises in Chile, Colombia, Peru, and Brazil.


We last year extended our partnership to empower an additional 22 high-potential social enterprises to scale their business and impact in the areas of sustainable agriculture, circularity and inclusive employment.


"We are excited to expand our work with NESsT in South America and to continue to accelerate social enterprises that are pivotal for the future of a region facing critical challenges,” said Åsa Skogström Feldt, Managing Director, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship. "These nine enterprises are building a more inclusive, sustainable economy and creating opportunities that will benefit their local communities for years to come."


The enterprises in the progamme, supported by IKEA Chile, Colombia, and Peru, are committed to creating dignified jobs and promoting prioritize environmental sustainability to enhance the quality of life of marginalised and excluded communities in South America.


Participating enterprises will receive funding and tailored support across several key areas including governance, business development, and investment readiness. They will also benefit from assistance to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and environmental practices.

Support from IKEA co-workers

Additionally, co-workers from IKEA will support enterprises through guided mentoring and masterclasses to innovate and expand their market presence, increase efficiency in their operations, develop and introduce new products and services, and strengthen their organisational culture.


“By connecting participating entrepreneurs with IKEA employees eager to share their technical expertise and experiences, we ensure each social enterprise receives tailored guidance to grow while fostering inclusive practices and equitable opportunities,” shared Bernardita Correa Díaz, Sustainability Leader, IKEA Chile, Colombia, and Peru. “We hope to ignite the same passion for driving sustainable change in other companies and industries throughout the region.”

Commitment to social and environmental impact

The nine new enterprises joining the programme are:

  • Agil: A tech enterprise that brings affordable e-commerce solutions to small, micro, and family-run enterprises in the HoReCa (Hospitality, Restaurants, and Catering) industry in Chile and supports food delivery drivers to earn a sustainable income.

  • Amazóniko: A collaborative recycling platform based in Bogotá, Colombia that provides everyone involved in the recycling process with knowledge, tools, and incentives to prevent waste from ending up in landfills.

  • Andes Bee: Building upon three generations of beekeeping tradition, Andes Bee sources sustainable honey and bee products from small beekeepers in Chile, paying them fair prices while promoting and advancing their work.

  • Asoprocegua: An enterprise that supports small farmers in Guaviare, Colombia to cultivate Amazon fruits such as açaí that are naturally produced in forests and can be sourced without cutting down a single tree.

  • Disruptia: A Colombian enterprise that uses AI-driven technology to provide accessible training and recruitment services. It has supported 3,000 people in finding work, including youth, women, ethnic minorities, migrants, and people over the age of 50.

  • Federación Campesina del Cauca (FCC): An association that supports small coffee farmers in Cauca, Colombia to earn a living income and become more climate resilient by diversifying their income streams.

  • Fundación Hilo Sagrado: A non-profit enterprise that works to improve the livelihoods of Indigenous communities in La Guajira, Colombia, especially women, by increasing their income and enhancing their living and working conditions.

  • Novatio: An enterprise that brings clean energy solutions to remote farming communities in Colombia, providing rural families with hands-on support to reduce household pollution and protect their health.

  • Okolo: A Colombia-based enterprise that produces eco-friendly reusable diapers and promotes their environmental benefits while providing flexible income opportunities to mothers.


“The partnership between NESsT and IKEA Social Entrepreneurship is a transformative step toward addressing South America’s deep-rooted income inequalities and environmental challenges,” said Kirsten Dueck, NESsT CEO. “Following the extension of our partnership last year, we are delighted to welcome nine high-impact companies into our co-created portfolio, with more in the pipeline. By investing in their effective, innovative solutions, we are fostering a more inclusive and sustainable economy, strengthening communities that are marginalised, and driving lasting change.”