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Dela III
in partnership with Ashoka 

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Accelerates economic inclusion by reducing employment discrimination

With a database of over 6000 young adult job seekers, Fondation Mozaïk acts as a bridge-builder between these young talents from disadvantaged communities and corporations. Fondation Mozaïk is committed to reducing discrimination in France’s job market and promoting diversity in the workplace. 

The enterprise trains and upskill young jobseekers who have difficulty finding jobs and/or internships. This is often due to self-censorship, lack of knowledge of the job market or not having an extensive network to engage with. Fondation Mozaïk also utilises its HR expertise to implement inclusive practices; these find their footing in the recruitment needs of companies. 

Since its founding by Saïd Hammouchi in 2007, Fondation Mozaïk has supported more than 7000 graduates to obtain a position commensurate with their abilities. For 13 years, Saïd has forged strong relations with large companies and in the process become a reference in Diversity and Equal Opportunities practices. The enterprise continues to advocate that diversity is linked to economic performance and social cohesion and has become a major player in the economic inclusion of graduates from less privileged backgrounds. 

Saïd is an Ashoka laureate and was elected as the Social Entrepreneur of the year 2007. Through the Dela III programme, he now seeks to further define their system change strategy and accelerate its deployment. 

Fondation Mozaïk engaging with young talent to have them gain better access to France’s job market.
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