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Impact Transformation Fund by Made In Africa


Dela II Accelerator
in partnership with Ashoka 

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Pioneering ethical manufacturing in Africa

Chid is changing the paradigm in the African manufacturing industry, by pioneering ethical manufacturing in Africa earning the continent’s first Fair Trade Certification by Fair Trade USA. He has built a system where workers are treated fairly, social services are provided, and their health care is prioritised.

For the last 30 years, worldwide absolute poverty has sharply reduced (from about 40% to under 20%). But in African countries the percentage has barely fallen. Today over 40% of people living in sub-Saharan Africa live in absolute poverty.

With the creation of an Impact Transformation Fund, Made in Africa will help other entrepreneurs acquire and manage companies in Africa and throughout the globe for the benefit of local people. The first ITF is set to acquire a business and then lead an Impact Transformation. That transformation will support 87,500 farmers in West and Central Africa, also about 35,000 women traders. The transformation also will reduce water consumption by 882,000 metric tons and reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 303,000 metric tons over the seven year holding period.

Supporting Social Entrepreneurs is key, as they are able to make a real sustainable difference for people, their respective families and communities. I hope that I will be able to contribute with dialogue, experience, network and perspective. At the same time through my learning, exposure and participation in the Dela Program I hope to contribute to its development and continuation.

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Lars Svenssen
Sustainability and Communication manager at IKEA Southeast Asia and Mexico