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Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia Accelerator
in partnership with Instellar


Sustaination aims to be Indonesia’s top sustainable e-commerce platform and works with local producers to offer carefully selected products online

While Indonesia produces 68 million tons of waste every year, most of which cannot be recycled, access to sustainable products is limited. Among consumers, awareness about greener ways of living is still limited and information is difficult to get. Sustaination fills this gap by providing an online platform where sustainable producers and customers meet.  

Mainly targeting younger women and mothers, Sustaination promotes the purchase of carefully selected, locally made products. With the purpose of giving their customers a wonderful experience while caring for people and nature, the social enterprise offers items in categories such as personal care and beauty, home and gardening, moms and babies, and healthy foods. It organises workshops and courses to raise awareness about social and environmental topics and has built a community of fifty thousand Indonesians interested in sustainable living. 

To date, Sustaination has worked with local tailors, artisans and more than thirty local brands to produce 400 high-quality products. Selling 25,000 items in just three years, the social enterprise has successfully limited the amount of single-use plastics being piled up in landfills and CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.  

Working hard to keep growing its impact, the social enterprise aims to be Indonesia’s number one sustainable e-commerce platform, collaborative space and knowledge sharing hub, to make the country a truly Sustainable Nation.

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Sustaination has worked with local tailors, artisans and more than thirty local brands.
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Programme support:

During the accelerator, Sustaination will work to increase the number of orders placed on their e-commerce platform and that way, promote the purchase of sustainable and reusable goods that protect the environment. The enterprise also wants to learn how to create more social impact through their business. 
Specific topics they will focus on are how to better understand the market and successfully approach customers, and make their online infrastructure more user-friendly. In addition to this, Sustaination will use the programme support to find the right talents and build the team they need to grow in a sustainable way.

We are excited to embark on this journey within the accelerator programme, because we believe it will bring us new connections and knowledge that will be very beneficial for our future as a business. We’re looking forward to meet the experts that will work with us, seek advice from our mentors, and get connected with the like-minded founders. 

Dwi Sasetyaningtyas, Founder and CEO of Sustaination.