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A global network of interconnected local communities that use the power of food as a tool for social change. 

When looking at the global food system, much work is being done in silos, between different stakeholders, groups, and sectors such as grassroots organizations, chefs, academics, entrepreneurs and farmers. The Social Gastronomy Movement believes that by breaking those silos, a more inclusive, just and healthy food system can be created.

To do this, The Social Gastronomy Movement (SGM) runs a cross-sector approach that targets people in the food system who work with food to enable social change (70% social entrepreneurs and 30% active individuals’ youth, academia). In detail, the social enterprise cultivates connections, collaborations, and partnerships that strengthen individual and collective capacity to co-create an equitable future, inclusive society, and a healthy planet.

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Members of SGM are able to connect with others around the world who are working on issues at the nexus of food, social change, and climate action (ie. food security, job training, nutrition education, community building, and waste management.)

Through their online platform and working groups, SGM also fosters knowledge sharing in order to accelerate local impact. The exchange of best practices, sustainable organizational models, meaningful dialogue, and other learnings allow members to collaborate on tackling urgent global challenges within the context of their local communities.

With a focus on cross-sector collaboration, SGM creates fertile ground for members to scale their impact by establishing meaningful partnerships, creating systems of accountability in the effort to transform food systems. 

By participating in the Dela III accelerator, SGM will receive support to improve its business strategy and internal structures to prepare for scaling.