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Mexico Accelerator 2024


New Ventures

Participating Social Enterprises


Co-created by IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and New Ventures in 2020, the Mexico Accelerator Programme aims to uplift Mexico's vulnerable communities by supporting local enterprises dedicated to driving positive social and environmental change. 

Over the past three years, the programme has supported 30 social enterprises that address some of Mexico's most pressing challenges, ranging from poverty and unemployment to biodiversity loss and waste management.  

We're excited to be on our fourth programme that supports a further 12 social entrepreneurs in creating livelihood opportunities and providing access to affordable goods and services to people across Mexico.

The participating enterprises will receive personalised support to develop their business strategies and scale their impact. Additionally, they'll be linked to key potential allies and explore the viability of becoming part of corporate value chains.

During their participation in the one-year accelerator programme, the enterprises receive personalised support and access to funding to enable them to scale their business and impact. The support includes strategic guidance, training, and tailored mentoring from IKEA co-workers and industry experts, preparing them for corporate partnerships and sustainable growth. 

As the journey continues, we believe that the impact of social entrepreneurship in Mexico will only grow stronger, guided by a shared vision of empowerment, equality, and sustainability. 

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