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Improving the livelihoods of smallholder producers in Mexico

Nuup improves the livelihoods of smallholder producers by involving the m, the organizations that serve them, and the corporations that buy their produce in a common effort to design better, fairer value chains.

Mexico’s current agricultural system faces dire challenges and risks. Nationwide, 17 million people live in poverty in rural areas. The majority depend upon small-scale agriculture for their food and economic subsistence. Of the 4 million farmers in Mexico, 68% work less than 5 hectares of land, though they produce almost 40% of the food that the country consumes. Most of these farmers fail to break the cycle of poverty, as they suffer from low returns due to lack of input materials, equipment and technical training. Nuup's vision is to transform Mexico’s systems for producing and distributing agricultural products in order to increase market access for farmers and improve efficiencies for large buyers.

I would like to contribute to creating an impact with this programme, leveraging on my background, knowledge and passion for the topic. I’m also curious to learn a methodology that can impact IKEA ways of working. Looking forward to be part of this programme and improve the livelihoods of small holder producers in Mexico and improve efficiencies for large buyers.

IKEA Strategy Partner
Elena Alamanno
Business Steering Manager, Core Business Franchise