Nuru Social Enterprises

Nuru Social Enterprises


East Africa Accelerator
in partnership with Acumen

Tom Kibet
Managing Director

Esther Kihenjo
Finance Manager

Produces and sells Nuru Yogurt, supporting Kenyan smallholder farmers to enhance milk production

Nuru Social Enterprises is a for-profit social impact initiative in Kenya. Its mission is to serve as the commercial market conduit producing value-added dairy products that are inclusive of local, smallholder dairy producers. The primary objective is to ensure the farmers have a reliable counterparty in the value chain to purchase their milk at fair and attractive market prices.  

Nuru Social Enterprises purchases milk from local farmers and then processes, packages, markets and sells branded yoghurt to small shops and larger retail supermarkets. The higher margin facilitates profit margins necessary to ensure the ongoing sustainability of the enterprise and reinvestment back into the community. 

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