IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and New Ventures have come together in a new two year partnership that will strengthen the work of 20 (twenty) social entrepreneurs in Mexico (10 in Y1 and 10 Y2). 

Despite economic growth, Mexico remains one of the most unequal countries in the world. Recent estimates state that the Coronavirus could push an additional 9 million Mexicans into poverty and increased hardship could translate to at least 70 million more. Even before the crises, 57% of the employed population worked in the informal sector with scarce access to financial services, higher education, and quality job and income opportunities. This led to high levels of poverty and inequality. 

Developed in close collaboration with IKEA Mexico, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and New Ventures have co-created an accelerator programme for twenty social entrepreneurs working in Mexico. These enterprises create livelihood opportunities and access to affordable goods and services for some of Mexico’s most vulnerable and marginalised communities. It will also support enterprises that are trying to solve some of Mexico City’s largest environmental challenges, like recycling and waste management.

Interested social entrepreneurs can preregister their interest here

This intensive programme starts in September 2020 and will combine virtual & face-to-face support for the social entrepreneurs, with IKEA co-workers playing an active role. 
By providing Mexico’s innovative social entrepreneurs with business support, networking opportunities and access to funding, the partnership will scale their impact and improve the levels of livelihood for the communities they serve. It will also provide the participating social entrepreneurs with potential links to corporate value chains, like IKEA, to ensure the long term sustainability of their solutions.

This growth will translate into broader and better impact in the communities where they work. By generating quality job opportunities, tackling environment challenges or providing goods and services, these enterprises create additional income opportunities, savings or access that increase the overall livelihood for the people that need it the most.