Java Fresh Farmers at Tasikmalaya pick the fruits in the garden



Participating Social Enterprises

In 2022, IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Instellar partnered for a two-year collaboration to create a better everyday life for marginalised and vulnerable groups in Indonesia by supporting 10 innovative social enterprises that provide jobs and deliver goods or services to address local needs.

With having successfully supported over 10 social enterprises through the first accelerator programme, we extended the partnership for another two years to deepen our impact.  We now launch the second edition of I-SEA that will support a further 10 social enterprises. These enterprises operate in a variety of sectors such as sustainable agriculture and circularity and empower smallholder farmers, women, coastal and indigenous communities and at-risk youth.

By providing business support, networking opportunities and access to funding to the social enterprises, they'll have the tools and resources to develop their businesses, scale their impact and improve the lives of those that need it most.