Truck pouring organic fertilizer on crops

Carbon Masters

Operating in India, Carbon Masters aims to help organisations reduce carbon impact and adapt to inevitable climate change by replacing fossil fuel consumption with innovative, clean energy solutions. The company has developed a unique circular economy solution that converts wet waste into bio-Compressed Natural Gas (bio-CNG) and organic fertilisers. Its renewable energy solution product line is sold under the brand Carbonlites with two main products, Carbonlites Bio-CNG and and Carbonlites Organic Manure.  

Bio-NCG is gas that is produced from organic waste and not from fossil gas, making it a renewable, natural source of energy. Bio-NCG can be used to displace diesel or Liquified Petroleum Gas in cooking, heating and transport applications. Carbon Masters uses this gas instead of diesel to fuel the trucks that transport the gas and manure from their factory to restaurants and farmers and sells to restaurants to be used in their kitchens. 

12% of all methane emissions come from landfills. By processing wet waste and diverting it from landfills, Carbon Masters saves 9075 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.  

India imports 80% of its oil, 50% of its gas, and 33% of its chemical fertiliser. By providing sustainable alternatives through Carbonlites bio CNG & organic fertiliser, the company reduces the country’s dependence on fossil fuels. 

Carbon Masters improves soil health by producing organic fertilizers that are affordable, enriched, and an excellent source of organic carbon. Last year alone, the company Masters distributed 170 tons of organic manure to more than 200 farmers. 
Organic waste warehouse and processing facility
Carbon Masters organic waste factory.
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