Mamo Pracuj

Mamo Pracuj

Kraków, Poland

Refugee Employment Initiative
in partnership with NESsT


Mamo Pracuj bridges employment gaps for Polish women, especially mothers, through a digital recruiting platform and tech training

In Poland, nearly 4 million women are out of work. Many face barriers when seeking employment due to career gaps from maternity leave and subsequent periods when responsibilities, like childcare, fall disproportionately to women. Due to a lack of workplace support, it’s difficult for women to balance their work and domestic responsibilities, and the time they can spend investing in their education and training is reduced. These “motherhood penalties'' significantly limit women’s access to the labor market and impact the quality of job opportunities, wages and career advancement.

Mamo Pracuj is a social enterprise committed to diversifying the tech workforce in Poland with women’s talent. It provides technical training and wraparound services to ensure that women are equipped to stand out during the recruiting process and thrive in their roles long after hiring. Since its founding in 2011, Mamo Pracuj has created an impactful and widely recognised career development network for women.

Over the next five years, the enterprise plans to provide career support to an additional 1,350 refugees.
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