PasarMIKRO coffee farmer


Bali and Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

I-SEA programme Indonesia
in partnership with Instellar


PasarMIKRO leverages technology to drive positive change in the Indonesian agricultural sector

Smallholder farmers in Indonesia face many critical challenges within the agri-supply chain, such as fragmented smallholder structures, cash-centric transactions, limited liquidity access, and a need for more transparency around payments.

PasarMIKRO, a social enterprise in Indonesia, has developed an innovative solution to tackle these issues — a proprietary mobile application and digital trading platform redefining how farmers and agri-traders operate. The app serves as a trading marketplace, a bookkeeping tool, and a trade finance platform for traders. Moreover, it includes a dedicated payment app tailored to the needs of smallholder farmers.

The company operates in remote regions where the supply of agricultural commodities originates, like West Java, Central Java, East Java, Lampung, and Bali. 

With a focus on digitalisation, PasarMIKRO has positively influenced data collection, traceability, financial inclusion, and knowledge dissemination. To date, the company has empowered over 3,500 smallholders, significantly reducing payment cycles and providing certainty in payment.

Edo Djayaputra, the Chief Operating Officer, emphasises the importance of continuous learning and impact creation and is committed to sharpening the company’s impact angle and exploring avenues for even greater influence.

Programme support

Through its participation in I-SEA, PasarMIKRO aims to tailor its existing products to solve specific problems or develop new solutions that address evolving needs. We’ll support them to enhance impact assessment and facilitate new partnerships with corporations, organisations, institutions, and cooperatives overseeing small producers and traders.

We’re excited to work alongside PasarMIKRO as it shapes a more sustainable and inclusive future for farmers and agri-traders across Indonesia.