South America Accelerator

South America


Participating Social Enterprises

Accelerating social entrepreneurs in Latin America

Beginning in April 2020 this three-year, co-created accelerator programme has been designed alongside IKEA regional representatives (IKSO - IKEA Chile, Colombia, and Peru). The programme is unique in its kind being three years and tailormade to support each of the 17 social entrepreneurs who are looking to scale their businesses but need specific advice and the tools on how to do so. Therefore we offer learning modules and joint masterclasses for all participants to further progress the development of the participating social enterprises.

The supported social entrepreneurs come from different sectors such as sustainable agriculture, job inclusion, circular economy, and sustainability. The programme works with entrepreneurs who produce sustainable products and/or who offer services that provide dignified employment and income to five key vulnerable groups across the region: low-income women, small producers, people with disabilities/different abilities, ethnic communities and at-risk youth.

Programme support

Each participant receives tailor-made guidance combining mentoring, coaching, training and implementation support from IKEA and NESsT in the areas of marketing and communications, business development and marketplace access.

NESsT in collaboration with IKEA Social Entrepreneurship also offers social enterprises tailored support such as funding: grants within, being part of the programme, and investment opportunities integrated into the exit plan. All social enterprises are aided to develop investment memos and present funding requests. Besides that, they can also benefit from support such as optimising branding, communications, the customer experience or tapping into new market opportunities.

Social Enterprises