South America Accelerator

South America


Participating Social Enterprises

Accelerating social entrepreneurs in Latin America

In April 2020 we joined forces with NESsT to co-create a three-year accelerator programme, with support from IKEA Chile, Colombia, and Peru. In 2023 we extended our partnership to empower an additional 22 high-potential social enterprises until 2026. 

The programme supports enterprises to scale their business and impact in the areas of sustainable agriculture, circularity and inclusive employment. The enterprises in the progamme are committed to creating dignified jobs and promoting prioritize environmental sustainability to enhance the quality of life of marginalized and excluded communities in South America.   

Programme support

Participating enterprises will receive funding and tailored support across several key areas including governance, business development, and investment readiness. They will also benefit from assistance to strengthen diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives and environmental practices. 

Additionally, co-workers from IKEA support enterprises through guided mentoring and masterclasses to innovate and expand their market presence, increase efficiency in their operations, develop and introduce new products and services, and strengthen their organisational culture.  

Social Enterprises