Agridesa visiting their farmers
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West Java, Bali, and Central Sulawesi, Indonesia

I-SEA programme Indonesia
in partnership with Instellar


Agridesa empowers smallholder farmers through data-driven farming and integrated digital solutions.

Agridesa is a digital closed-loop agriculture enabler reshaping Indonesia's agricultural landscape.

Across Indonesia, there are many issues associated with unsustainable conventional farming methods. This includes addressing the limited availability of knowledge regarding Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and overcoming challenges related to land fragmentation that hinder farmers' ability to scale up and operate efficiently. 

The overarching goal is to empower smallholder farmers, improve their livelihoods, and promote sustainable practices. Through avenues like market access, financial inclusion, and community development, Agridesa is transforming the lives of farmers on Bali, Java and Sulawesi islands. 

The company takes a multi-stakeholder approach that integrates technology, data-driven insights, and sustainable practices. It provides direct field support, technical assistance through agri-doctors, on-farm monitoring tools, and access to high-quality agri-inputs for smallholder farmers.

Agridesa's work has yielded a noteworthy average monthly income increase of approximately 59.80% for their smallholder farmers, setting a new benchmark for horticulture commodities like baby spinach, edamame, and red cayenne peppers.  

Guiding Agridesa is Kristian Harahap, the CEO and Founder. Kristian has been an entrepreneur since 2010 and is committed to sustainability, impact projects, and creating opportunities for others while contributing to positive change in Indonesia. 

Programme support  

Agridesa aims to further its positive social impacts during the programme, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth – and SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production.

Through I-SEA, we'll support Agridesa in refining its strategies for scaling up, enhancing market access, and exploring new avenues for growth. Together, we'll also develop its impact measurement management and reporting.

We look forward to supporting Agridesa on its journey to redefine agriculture, empower communities, and create a sustainable future for Indonesia.