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Environmental and social impact through rooftop gardening

Dhaka is a concrete jungle with high-rise buildings and increasingly fewer space on the ground for trees. With over 500.000 feasible rooftops in Dhaka, Green Savers took hold of the opportunity to utilize these rooftop spaces for both environmental benefits and increased well-being. 

The Green Savers main service is to provide support in establishing and promoting different types of gardening in Dhaka city, to help city dwellers to produce fresh food and fresh air. Projects the enterprise run are aimed towards creating environmental consciousness. For example through so-called Lab Gardens at schools or mobile tree hospitals where Green Savers actively spread environmental awareness.

As an outcome of their business, they have provided training for over 200 gardeners, created employment for more than 50 underprivileged youths by helping them become gardeners and engage with more than 100,000 schoolchildren through school gardening programmes. In total, the enterprise impacted over 5,000 households, 200 schools and countless volunteers and organizations since its start in 2010.

Programme support:

Ahsan Rony, an environmental activist and founder of Green Savers, strongly believes that urban farming provides a lot of job opportunities. IKEA Social Entrepreneurship and Ashoka will provide Green Savers with the support needed to scale the business and create an even bigger impact in Bangladesh and eventually the world.