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Rumah Mocaf

Banjarnegara, Indonesia

Indonesia Accelerator
in partnership with Instellar


Rumah Mocaf produces gluten-free cassava flour products and trains cassava farmers in integrated organic farming

Working with cassava farmers in the Banjarnegara region of Central Java, Rumah Mocaf is a social enterprise that manufactures naturally gluten-free all-purpose cassava flour (mocaf) and its derivative products. The social enterprise trains and assists the cassava farmers it partners with, so they become experts in integrated organic farming. They also learn the basics of financial literacy.  

Many consumers in Indonesia mistakenly think cassava is a less nutritious and less prestigious food. The market price is often unstable, causing difficult economic conditions for smallholder cassava farmers and cassava-based enterprises. The pandemic has only made their situation worse.  

Rumah Mocaf has set out to support cassava producers by educating consumers to change their negative perception and offering farmers fair and stable prices for their product. With a special interest in community empowerment and equality of men and women, the social enterprise puts emphasis on collaborating with women in local villages. By manufacturing cassava flour derivates, they earn extra money for their families. 

A positive outcome of the pandemic is that many consumers in Indonesia are now more aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This is an opportunity for Rumah Mocaf to promote cassava flour as a valuable alternative and a national product to be proud of. By doing so, the social enterprise can welcome more farmers into their ecosystem and strengthen the local rural economy in even more places.

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Rumah Mocaf trains and assists the cassava farmers it partners with to implement integrated organic farming that is environmentally responsible.
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Programme support:

The Rumah Mocaf team will use the support they receive from the IKEA mentors and Instellar experts to implement their scale-up and market expansion strategies. Originally founded with the purpose of doing social good, not making money, the social enterprise will continue to develop into a profitable and sustainable business, so they can lift more cassava farmers out of poverty.  
By participating in the programme, they will get the tools to serve a new, unexplored consumer segment interested in a healthy and eco-friendly lifestyle. They will expand their business to Sumatera, where cassava is grown by many farmers but no adequate business supply chain exists to bring cassava products to the market.

We are very grateful and excited to be a part of this accelerator programme. For us as a young and growing social enterprise, IKEA is a role model of innovation and market expansion. We are looking forward to meeting our mentors so that we can learn to scale up our business while deepening our social impact. 

Wakhyu Budi Utami, Co-founder and COO of Rumah Mocaf.